Mini Love Roller (Premium) MLR-002

Mini Love Roller (Premium) MLR-002

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Discover love in the most creative manner with the help of this Mini Love Roller. Just make your partner rest on it in any style you want and get to play with his/her genitals without any effort. These mini love rollers are so convenient to use that two people can easily sit on one another. This is a reason why it has been made quite durable and can weigh heavy loads. With an exceptional design,it would let you take sensual postures so as to attract your partner. Made of 4-inch density foam, it stands quite durable and will not be subject to wear and tear.

Product: Mini Love Roller (Premium) MLR-002

Category: Lovemaking Furniture

Material: 4-inch density foam

Colour: Red, Lime, Orange, White and Yellow

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